Redmi K20 Pro Premium System Launcher

Device brand and model: Redmi K20 Pro Premium ( MIUI 12 )

Ratio version: v3.2.3:27

Problems encountered when using ratio: Cannot enable system launcher


Unfortunately MIUI has blocked it with MIUI 10 and there’s no way out AFAIK

Im using the lite version and it’s working fine
Miui 12 android 10

Were you able to set it as default launcher?
@vazty08 are you on China ROM or Global ROM?

I hope they can fix it in Miui 12. Thank you for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will try! Thank you!

Yes! in default launcher. My phone is China Rom

Ah! that… I just checked MIUI particulars and Global ROM should allow using third party launchers as default launcher. So moving to global is the only available solution AFAIK

Thank you so much @BobbyV8 for that info! :disappointed:

Is there a way you can remove or disable the default security app?

There’s no security settings in option settings and developers option

The easiest way is to install Nova Launcher, go to Nova Settings -> Default Launcher and selecting any launcher you want from there. Even Ratio or any other could be selected.


Thank you! It Works! :clap:

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