Recent apps should be added

I think, best upgrade is to add recent app support. I have noticed that you cant easily switch from app to app. If that would be added i think many would use this a their default.

Hello there!

Are you referring to the recent apps like how newer versions of Android does it in the recents/overview screen, or were you referring to something else completely, like a recents app drawer?

Regardless of which one it is, I’d highly suggest you to take a look and reply to the official Wishlist thread!


Oh my god, is it just me? Does everybody else can access the app drawer. Im gonna try to reinstall the launcher.

Oh no, I didn’t mean that. Apologies for that! Right now, we don’t exactly have a feature that allows us to interact with recently opened apps. However, your suggestion is a good one and putting it in the official Wishlist thread may bring this idea up to the team.

Apologies for the miscommunication!