Re-arranging applications does not work

Hello Team
I just installed ratio on my one plus 7t pro. However I found it very difficult to find locations of a particular application. I thing it should be a good idea to show the location of the searched application when someone searches for it.
The other problem I am facing is when I go into the ratio settings and try to edit a drawer by adding an application into it, it does not reflect the changes in the home screen. However, when I again go back into the ratio drawer settings, it shows that the application is there in the drawer I initially moved it into.
Another problem I faced was that there were a few applications whose icons were duplicated. For instance it showed me 3 icons for Google drive. I long pressed into one and chose it to hide. After doing this all three icons were hidden.
Looking forward to hear if you have any other questions about this experience.

Hey! Thanks for posting. This is a little known issue on some phones.

Make sure to rearrange from the main page as there is no “save” function on the edit drawers. But if you rearrange from the homescreen (press and hold blloc symbol at the bottom>edit drawers) you’ll be able to!

I faced a similar-ish issue regarding adding/editing tiles in the drawer but that seemed to automatically fix itself.

However, now, I’m facing an issue with the drawers on a whole. I know they’re being created because I can see it in the Ratio settings, but I can’t see them on the launcher.

(also, quick question to the team - should we create a new thread for bugs we’re encountering, or would you prefer them being added to existing threads?)

Im experiencing the same thing.
Why isnt there a save button when editing on ratio settings?

There is no save button… whatever changes you do…it gets applied instantly…