Ratio's 4 problems workarounds

Hi there,
As you know or don’t, i have switched to my default launcher for 4 main reasons listed as:

  1. Android 10 gesture incompatibility
  2. Accent color
  3. No home screen apps shortcuts and drawer
  4. Custom widgets

And i have fixed that all, now i am happily using it.
If you also have such problems, i will tell you how to fix that, step by step

1. Android 10 gesture
As you know on samsung phones, the android 10 gesture navigation is not supported, it is fixed on higher android versions. But there is a trick by that you can mimic android 10 gesture on Samsung phones specifically. Download,
One handed operation+Link

After downloading give it all necessary permissions and now you have that back gesture you want, but that not it after this you need to configure app a little

  1. Add the QS tile on your notification panel like this⬇️
  2. This is important step, open one hand operation + then left hand handle(or right if you want)
    And then to diagonally down gesture
    3.you get this screen and you have to choose quick tools options, now every time you use diagonally down gesture on your left or right screen you get interface like this…the option i highlighted is useful for us right now.

  3. Choose your default launcher and turn on nav. Gesture in phone’s settings,
  4. Now choose ratio as default launcher and you will notice that you get 3 button appears, now use that gesture to open Quick tools pop up, turn off the highlighted option and boom ! Android 10 navigation gesture on 3rd party launcher
  5. This is not compulsory step, but if you want to save battery open notification panel and toggle QS off
    of one hand operation + and get you simple back gesture as well.

If you want solutions of other problems plz let me know by replying this topic, i will make topics regarding to other problems too.

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Any solution for the rest of your problems?
I bet the community would love to know~

**2. Accent color **

The color code blloc used is #ebff00 , it doesn’t match with most of apps accent color with mainly Google blue.
Using hex installer we can get universality between all our apps, i had made a hex theme by myself, has both light and dark themes.
Hex is paid on play store, about $2
You can message me on @abhaydiwan1 on telegram,
I will give you a link of my .hex theme and apk file.
So that you can try if it works for you or not.

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btw please do not promote unauthorized sharing of apks!


for 3. And 4. I.e. Custom widget and apps shortcut

Another problem with ratio is that we are stucked with ratio’s own widgets and we can’t access our main widgets like third party widgets and phone’s inbuilt.
This trick give will not give custom widgets in ratio but make them useable in ratio
On playstore a free app called “panels”

You can use this as a side panel, triggered by gesture
You can configure all parts of it whether it is color, shape, size, gesture and much more.
You may unlock pro version to get more of it.

Plus, you get ability to add apps shortcuts and drawers for ease of use.

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Okay buddy


I never thought of that! Thanks! Now I can check my widgets while using Ratio! Best of both worlds :smiley:

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Those are quite some interesting workarounds that you have there. Thanks for sharing, seems pretty neat!


Much obliged :innocent:

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Panels App
#Hex Installer (Samsung phones only)