Ratio with System Wallpaper

It would be great if ratio worked with the default system wallpaper instead of setting the wallpaper within the launcher so that we can set live wallpapers too (because there are many great minimal LWPs out there which would rock with the looks of Ratio).
Or maybe allow ratio to pick live wallpapers.
And the option to put widgets on the home screen would also be great.

All in all Ratio 4 has been a great experience, I love it as my default launcher for the past year since the early betas.

For now, you can apply a transparent custom wallpaper to do so, though the blur interface would look a bit… off let’s say.

Yeah I’ve actually done that and as you said the blur interface doesn’t look so good and chats overlap in Tree.

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I’d also like this! I imagine a third tab–beside Ratio and Custom wallpaper, another choice for System wallpaper.

That tab wouldn’t even need to display a preview, necessarily.

But the blur elements would fail

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