Ratio with KLWP

Hi All,
Just an illustration of what can be achieved with some time, effort and the amazing Ratio launcher.

This is my KLWP set up with all the lovelyness of Ratio.


How did you do that? Live wallpapers are not applied in ratio :thinking:

You can check it out here

Firstly you will need to use your favourite image editor to create a fully transparent image to match your screen size and save it to your pictures folder in .png format.
Next in Ratio / Settings / Wallpaper set this new image as your wallpaper, don’t worry if your screen goes grey that’s normal.
Source any live wallpaper or use KLWP live wallpaper.
Now go to your systems wallpaper settings and set your new live wallpaper to home and or lock screen.
That should be it, if alls gone well you should now be able to see your chosen live wallpaper.
On a side note, this work around means that when entering the Ratio settings screen the background will be transparent which in itself is not a problem but if your live wallpaper is light it may be difficult to read the text.
One last thing, your UI elements, Root Widgets, Tiles and Tree will lose the blur effect.
To apply the Live Wallpaper I used this App, it’s free or for KLWP just apply through the KLWP App.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.naing.vwallpaper 3

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And how you change the font?

Said that the page is unavailable.

Which font ?

The one in Ratio, I believe

This one !
How did you get this on ratio?

Sorry about the delay replying.
I used this site then paste into the Drawer title box.
The font I used is the one highlighted in the screenshot.
If your using KLWP and need the KLWP preset in your screenshot let me know and I will send you a link.

Font generator