Ratio v5 [Review & Suggestions]

Hey, I am a long time Ratio user as I have always felt this launcher tick all my check boxes. In this post, I will be giving my two cents on what I think about this major update.


  • Update :small_red_triangle_down:
    The Tiles screen has seem to gone under a complete rebuild which I am liking so far in terms of the aesthetics & functionality. The app (pill-like) dropdown on long pressing a tile is a welcome feature as it gives me the option to quickly uninstall/remove an app without necessarily going into the dashboard page for every respective application. The app dock is also another handy element which saves me time as I don’t have to repeatedly open and close drawers for apps that I use frequently. A few older features are yet to be added but is understandable due to the complete revamp of this screen.

  • Missing Features :small_red_triangle_down:
    The option to reorder apps in each app drawer in terms of alphabetical order seems to be missing. Also, not to forget the hide app feature is still to be re-added. Double tap to lock/off screen seems to be gone as well.

  • Suggestions :small_red_triangle_down:
    The app dock seems to be out of proportion as there is too much empty-distance between the lowest app drawer and the app dock. The blurred app dock also seems to be excessive as the icons aren’t big enough to take up a larger real estate. So, a smaller width x height of the padding/blurring for the app dock including a gesture like action to enable the app dock would be welcome. I would also request if it would be feasible for the devs to re-implement support for Compacticons Icon Pack


  • Update :small_red_triangle_down:
    The new Media Player Widget is the perfect solution for users like me who use many other streaming services/3rd party apps apart from Spotify for music or podcasts. This is by far my favorite part of the update.
  • Missing Features :small_red_triangle_down:
    No Missing Features (as per my knowledge)
  • Suggestions :small_red_triangle_down:
    The Blloc team seems to be adding new widgets with every update so I have nothing to say here but perhaps the ability to set alarms from root would be a really useful feature (for me and maybe a handful of users out there)


  • Update :small_red_triangle_down:
    Well, the first clearly visible update is the name itself (not to complain but I feel, Tree still sounds a bit better). The new UI/UX is simply stunning and fits the Ratio aspect like a glove. With a clear approach to better RAM/Battery management comes the cost of functionality. The removal of Accessibility Services seems like a deal breaker for me as it is not always convenient to reply directly from this page. Overall, the new update is a great progressive step taken by Blloc and I tip my hat for that.
  • Missing Features :small_red_triangle_down:
    Well, the only problem with this update is the option to load images from the conversations/tree page itself (could be an issue only I’m facing).
  • Suggestions :small_red_triangle_down:
    An option for the user to decide if Accessibility Service should be enabled/disabled. Maybe an update of the chat screen UI is welcome as it is the only aspect lagging in comparison to the new Conversations/Tree screen.


  • On my older devices running Android Oreo (v8.1), Ratio seems to be frequently crashing either on the setup page or the next second the setup is over. (Cannot be fixed even after an uninstall followed by a fresh install)
  • Certain icon packs (such as Whicons) don’t seem to apply even after clicking on reapply.

An option to lock apps/tree with a pin or pattern instead of a fingerprint only method.

This update seems to have so many exciting features and proves to be a solid baseline for a very progressive approach from the Blloc Team. I request fellow users to not pressurize the devs for an update as to create quality takes time (and they are most definitely working on it by now). I am sorry if I have missed anything in my review or if I messed up the formatting since this is my first time posting here. Hope this was useful to provide some insight to everyone in the Blloc family.



Hi Tyler, welcome to the Blloc family. I saluted you for your fair and in-depth review. I strongly agree and supoorted your conclusions.
Blloc team and Ratio are doing great job and me myself and my family are using and will be using Ratio as long as Ratio available.
I strongly believe the Tree is better name than Conversations because it will make Ratio unique. It will be a special name unique to Ratio. This is my humble opinion.
About the Accessibility service in tree/conversations I personally don’t mind or bother wether the battery or RAM usage is high or not. If that particular feature or service need to use more juice or ram so let it be.
This is my opinion in the matter regarding Blloc team and Ratio.
Have a nice day Tyler. :+1:

From Malaysia

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Thanks a lot for sticking around and your valuable feedback, Tyler! I’m sure this is extremely useful to the team; appreciate your time! :raised_hands:

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