Ratio update notifications

Hello! Great job once again to Blloc, I think the team is doing well! :+1:

This isn’t a bug, per se, and therefore I refrained from posting in that category.

I noticed while installing the 3.2.5 update, there’s some additions to Services’ features - there’s a persistent notification letting the user know that an update’s available (if it isn’t a new feature, apologies!). After installing the 3.2.5 update, though, the notification persisted. Here’s a screenshot of said notification:

It’ll be great if the notification dismisses itself after the update installs! Since it’s a persisting notification, I can’t dismiss it with a swipe away. Tapping on the notification did nothing (I did get a pop-up notifying that Services kept stopping, though), but the notification dismisses itself afterwards.

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Agree with arashnrim regarding notification update, after all the team has a great job to make this ratio better. One small thing is my concern is hiding application. when i tried to hide an aplication, it actually hidden from menu, but i still can find that application that i hid if i type in search bar, and i think it useless for hide feature, it should be appeared that hidden aplication if the setting is changed in edit menu. it would be great to make it happen i suggest

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