Ratio update 3.1.7 (released May 1st 2020, latest codepush May 4th 2020)

You should receive notification in the coming hours. If you want to update now, go to Blloc Services and tap on the refresh button.

Ratio v3.1.7 (May 1st 2020)

New features:

  • Tiles - Double tap screen to lock device


  • General - Silent crash on app start with empty screen
  • General - Device verification: better handling of OnePlus devices
  • General - App version properly displayed in Ratio Settings
  • Tiles - Shortcuts piling up in expanded tiles
  • Tiles - Add a “disable faster animations” setting
  • Tiles - Crash in edit apps screen
  • Root - Converter card - loading card issue on app start
  • Root - Converter card - pinning shouldn’t be available
  • Root - Converter card - rendering error when currencies not available


  • Error screen with error reporting option

Codepush v3.1.7:10 (May 1st 2020)


  • Root - News - ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED (loading HTTP instead of HTTPS) fixed for most news sources. (For instance this was affecting articles from BBC News).

Codepush v3.1.7:12 (May 4th 2020)


  • Root - News - Long source names not displayed properly

Codepush v3.1.7:13 (May 8th 2020)


  • Root - News/Youtube cards - improved UI

Wow. So fast. So good. Ratio keep improvements. Waiting for a stable ratio.

:heart_eyes: Double to lock screen. Very welcoming addition. Thanks a lot


Double tap feature was pretty quick to be added…great work


New fingerprint unlock animation. Looks cool. Now its like to support all types of devices not only indisplay fingerprints

It worked on devices which had finger print reader on back as well…

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Yes. Now it doesn’t show that round animation when unlock. Looks universal now. Thanks a lot to @Ismael

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thank you for the fast update! But i dont really understand how i can get the update. Do I have to install Ration again thought Bllocdesk?

Update blloc services

When you installed ratio from blloc desk you also got Blloc Services installed. It’s an app that manages the Ratio updates. If you don’t find it or you uninstalled it, you can install the update from BllocDesk, and you will get the latest Blloc Services as well


I cant find a Blloc Services App on my phone. In BllocDesk I can only see the ratio tab where i need to paste the verification code.

Weather not working after the update. It seems the error handling on the weather card is very badly done. We always get cannot read property weather of undefined toast. I think that aspect can be improved if we are pushing towards a stable release.


Enter your verification code and follow the steps to install it

Thank you for your fast support! I was just a bit confused about entering the code again :sweat_smile:

Well thank you tell me how you would do it please :slight_smile:

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Any idea how long will it take to support Oneplus 6?

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Wow, that was really fast. Appreciate the quick implementation, keep up the good work.


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Nice update. Unfortunately, the weather card still not working. Anyway, this still the beginning and you have done a great job so far.

Go to settings, search for Blloc Services, tap it and then open the app. You can update it or insert your invitation code.

I have a 6T and I’ve managed to get an invite… But unfortunately unable to install… Was very excited… But alas.

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