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Hi All!

I altered minor details in the current launcher as I thought this looks better. Here is what I did and how it looks.


App list being displayed behind searchbar is not appealing. A blank space behind it without being transparent with a swipe up indicator would look good

Current search bar is only aimed at app search. Integrating with root and adding more functionality to search in app content, contacts and browser search integration along with a voice search would be nice.


Ratio currently doesn’t allow adding widgets. Allowing it would be nice.

I edited the calendar and Clock view on Expanded mode to work as widgets. Dynamic Icons for Calendar & Clock where in Calendar - displays today’s date Clock - displays current time

Status bar:

Clock, Notifications, network indicator, battery and other icons to be in line with Homescreen design.

I tried to spice it up with rounded style network indicators, and Marker coloraturas scheme along with font used in home screen.

App drawer Title Text:

White text is good, an option to edit it in styles similar to app icon displays would be nice.

I tried to apply

  • Bright Highlight - Essentials
  • Marker - Favorites
  • Dark Highlight. - Most used


Need more icons to be inline with Ratio design. In this case we can see Messages, Game Space, iMobile, Cred, ZigWheels to be different.

I couldn’t design icons though.

Here’s the comparison of Original to my suggestions applied.

         Original: _____Vs______ Revamped:

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There are some good ideas here. Especially the search bar option. However, NOT having widgets is one of the key things Ratio launcher is so unique compared to android OS. And best to keep it that way.


With regards to widgets, you might’ve observed that I didn’t add any widgets, just gave some additional capabilities to the expanded view to show date and time.

I completely agree with you on not having widgets to keep it minimal.


Yes. Absolutely… Having a date is must. I had to struggle with 3 clicks to get the date in root panel. :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand that you got time in root, but as far as I know cards in root keep moving up as we add new ones. So I can’t have a fixed place to find the date at a single glance…

With lockdown in force it’s all just days and I need my mobile to remind me if it’s a weekday or weekend :rofl: too lazy you know… Convening member of the sloth club :crazy_face:

Thats the reason I suggested something on my own. Check it out:

Nice, but sad Ismael says ut might conflict with their future plans!

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Oh thats fine. I am sure they have better options. Its hard to fit something small that might ruin the entire theme, or UI. So guess we will leave it to the devs.

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I like the idea of clock, and other animated tiles
Clock and date tile need to be animated, it’s a must,
Also in root I think they should add Google lens support so that I can click and search image results,

I’m not sure about integrating google lens, don’t use it. So can’t comment

For me it’s pretty important, cause I use lens for fast translation of foreign language, while case studies
It might be important for others too…maybe
But I’m so happy to have converter now in root, uninstalled the converter app!

Its definitely a good tool for those who use it. However Implementation of the tool itself might get cluttery when talking minimalism. But again, up to the devs. Lets not forget social detox also plays its part. Having tools is essential, but way too many apps, i dnt think Ratio was built for it.

I understand your need, but what @Silvertonguesaid… Ratio is about minimalistic and all these might make it mainstream taking it away from it’s base objective.

Also, I’m here having 300+ (edit:313)apps on my device. The always available search bar makes it easier to have them at fingertips @Silvertongue ratio serves for many apps too… Actually it made my usage easier.


Yeah totally that search bar helps a lot. But I would love to see ratio evolve in the direction of more productivity and less consumption of apps. Like those old Nokia N900s and N9s.


Old is the new revolution


People were innovative and productive back then. Nowadays it’s a fight of copy paste.


Indeed… It’s become something like someone does it, we do it. Also, I saw a user saying Ratio is new and initiative while we’re actually trying to travel back in time to the good old Nokia days (also the windows style tiles)

@Silvertongue what’s your take on having an easier way to add apps to the drawer?

Like right now we have a list of apps with add / remove labels to the extreme right. Instead of that, how about a simple layout like this with (-) symbol for already added apps and (+) symbol for apps not present on the upper right corner of app tiles.

Yes thats a good idea. Removing an app button is a must to avoid those 2-4 steps. But when we hold the icon, we see the expanded data view. So not sure how they’re going to do that. But the idea is nice.

I mean, when we enter the drawer edit bar, instead of long and never ending list we get this view with - or + symbols to remove / add on the top right like a notification dot kind

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