Ratio tools issue

i have come crossed by ratio tools and i have downloaded it and blloc desk is disappeared and i dont know what to do with ratio tools because it all says is process completed i have xiaomi mi mix 2

Same here, I have plugged in my phone, usb debug turned on, I’ve accepted the request and then it shows me a really long JavaScript error message. Please could I get some assistance,
Many thanks,

yeah ratio is not as advanced as the first time i have downloaded via desktop for the first time and by the way there is no tree yet

Hey, and welcome to the community. You can read more about the latest news relating to Bllocdesk in this announcement post.

What you have downloaded (Ratio Tool) is not Bllocdesk, but instead a simple app that runs to enable a couple permissions for Ratio (since Ratio is now on the playstore we are not able to request these permissions through the app anymore)

i havent gotten any invitation for tree despite i use ratio from the begining anyway i am sorry but i havent understood much from your message

You can sign up for the Tree within Ratio. We are currently starting a closed Beta. If you sign up you’ll be notified via email when the Tree is available