Ratio Theme for phone applications

I love the launcher its really amazing and intuitive. You feel that your using a new device. I hope the developers can create a Blloc Ratio theme which you can install on the phone to change the look and feel of the main apps like phone and messages etc… that would be fabulous… so that when you click on phone you don’t get the boring Samsung phone app!


There you go.

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So I download ot from the store and what next. Its not. Launcher correct. So I will continue to use ratio and your theme! How do I install it. From the theme store?

Its not my theme. It is a theme created by fellow user.
Please read that thread. All details are given there.

If any doubt on installing the theme, you an continue discussions in the thread I have shared above.

No doubt. Just asking how to install. Thats it.

Please read that thread. The installation guide is provided there.

I downloaded the file. Which is the theme your referring too

Hey @biltaji!

I’d like to suggest you to take a look at the original post (attached by @B_Wrath above, or alternatively as a link here) - there, you’ll find instructions on how you’ll be able to install the theme.

If you have any more queries regarding the theme, please go ahead and comment in the other post and not here - that way, we’ll be able to keep things organised and have the discussions related to similar topics on the same thread. Thank you!