Ratio subscription and Z18

I have just updated Ratio and found myself being asked to choose a version of Ratio . However my understanding was that Z18 customers had full Ratio for life. Is this no longer the case?

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As if you read my mind… Was thinking the same… Not that I have a problem with paying for a subscription but the Z18 was the beginning with Ratio as the main and only launcher… Later they decided to jump over to different Android devices… There should be something that Z18 owners get in return for believing into the whole system from the start…

Any statement on this @devs?


I remember devs said ratio will be free for lifetime those who has Z18… So no worries :wink:. If I’m wrong Some of em will reply here.


I’ll just tag @Ismael, but I’m rather sure that Zero 18 owners will get a free lifetime subscription.


Seems they’re busy dealing with developing awesome things

Ratio will always be free for Z18 users. We’ve been busy testing our monetization solution, and it could be that the sales page showed up in a Z18. We’re pushing an update shortly that will disable monetization altogeter in Z18 devices