Ratio starts being a little annoying

Okay… I put it in an already solved post by mistake. Really enjoyed the Ratio experience up to the point where more and more - from my point of view - needless bling bling is infiltrating the minimalistic approach.

  • This “lazy load”-ish scrolling is not very time saving. It takes even more time to wait until the last cards are loaded
  • The fade out on top and bottom of the screen are also a nice to have but go against a clean look and feel
  • And my biggest pain point is this super annoying scrolling of opened drawers so that the drawer almost disappears to the top

Please get rid of this again or at least implement an option to activate/deactivate it in the Ratio preferences.

Sorry to say that but Ratio seems to be getting off path a little too much. Getting back to your roots would be appreciated very much.

Cheers, Ralf


Hi Team Blloc,
Thanks for the update. Just installed it hoping that this upscrolling would’ve been removed or at least added as an option in the preferences but unfortunately it still exists. As passionate as I’ve been since the beginning I must say this scroll thing is really - sorry to say that - crap. It needs an extra touch to stop the tiles move all the way up and let the drawer almost disappear to finally have to scroll the whole screen back down to get to the upper tiles in a category.
I’d really appreciate a proper solution for this. If you need additional infos on this topic you can always reach out to me and I’ll be ready to help understanding my point.
Cheers, Ralf