Ratio shows rating banner / Subsciption issues

Hi @devs… Today I got a small banner on top of Ratio asking me if I enjoy using Ratio. Sure I do and I clicked on to rate it… But I already did. So it’s not recognizing that I already rated it and even if editing my rating the banner stays on top and is not being removed. :man_shrugging:t2:
Update: It’s possible to swipe it away – will keep an eye on if it appears again…

And the supscription thing seems not to run proper, or did I miss something? I’d love to buy a lifetime subscription but when clicking on the “Manage” button it only show there is no active subscription detected… So how do I do it? A little irritated now… And another :man_shrugging:t2:

Added: still using an OnePlus 7T


Hi !
Same for me with the Manage button ?

Same here, exactly the same issue. I’d be glad to pay, but make it simple so people actually can pay

Hey guys, this isn’t the issue with ratio but google doing it shenanigans. Right now as far as ik the team is looking at alternative. So lets be patient :v:

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@xanaus not sure about that. the notification shows up on my Z18 without google. so i guess its a ratio thing…

I am having a ratio pro key. What happens to it?
Managing subscription says nothing found for the account. Please help.