Ratio settings tile

Hi All,
I’ve been struggling by with this issue for a while now and finally decided I should seek some help to resolve it.

Ratio Settings Tile :

When I hold on this particular tile to gain access to the Options menu it just vibrates, that’s all it does.
This means I cannot get access to change the Tiles colour or any other options menu items for that matter.
I have been through the Tiles / Edit menu in settings but everything seems ok.
Please could someone enlighten me as to where I’m going wrong, it’s the only Tile that does it the rest work fine.

Device & System:
Samsung Galaxy A70, Android 10

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You’re not doing anything wrong and everything is fine.

The reason the Ratio settings tile cannot be changed as how you describe is that the devs made it that way.

A while ago, there were cases of people hiding the Ratio settings among other things (at times accidentally). That’s why they decided that the Ratio settings tile should be as it currently is.


Thanks for the explanation Black.
Shame I cannot even change the Tile colour though.
Maybe they will fine tune the Tiles options down the line.

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No don’t be shame on that… By default devs have configured specifically on Ratio Settings to identify it easily… Hope you can change other apps tile color… If not let us know here.

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Hi, thank you for replying.
I can change all the other tile colours ok.
Don’t know why the Dev’s couldn’t have just disabled only the hide option for this tile rather than annihilating the whole thing, bit of a sledge hammer to crack a Walnut there I think.

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Yeah, I do believe that having the ability to hide or change the colour of that tile makes sense.