Ratio Settings app disappeared

My ratio settings app has disappeared. I tried reinstalling, but still can’t find it. Please help.

Hi, sorry about your prob.
Curious about a couple of things,

  • Is it ratio light or pro
  • When you reinstalled did you restore back up settings or set up afresh.
  • Also, what’s your device
  • Lastly, when did this issue start


  1. Ratio Pro
  2. No, I just connected to bloc desk and went to install, it downloaded the latest version and installed.
  3. My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
  4. The problem started when i decided to unhide ratio settings, i had hidden it earlier.

Thanks & Regards,
Anshuman Panda

Just a thought, and this is just totally shooting in the dark.

  • Why not try uninstalling ratio, clearing cache on your phone
  • Uninstall Blloc desk
  • Reset code
  • Download and install Blloc desk afresh
  • Then try a fresh install

Other than this, perhaps a factory reset of your phone + fresh installation may fix the issue.

Again, all this is just shooting in the dark.
Hopefully this may work

This will be fixed in future updates.

hasn’t been fixed till now.

What’s the ratio version you have?

Ratio Version- 3.2.7