Ratio referral program

I want to ask if sharing now affects anything. Does being in the top 10 now still gives me the ability to join the Tree beta?

As top 10 ranks were enrolled for Beta, ideally the remaining ranking should have gone 10 up as those 10 should be excluded from the list now

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So… it’s already started…???

Yes it’s started

Is that Ratio 4 or only the tree feature??

I think it’s only the tree

No, ratio 4 and the tree basically belong together.


Oh! I didn’t know that! Thanks for the info!

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So what Rank range is going around right now ??

There’s a gradual rollout for giving more users access to the Tree beta. As @tabrez428 mentioned, the top 10 ranks will be invited to test out the Tree; of course, those already invited will be excluded in the next invite wave.

Blloc has already invited the first ten; at the time of writing, though, they’re testing the waters and aren’t inviting on a schedule (e.g., daily, weekly) basis just yet. This can change depending on the state of the latest build. Hold on tight!

I’d like to take this time to remind again, though: this referral program will not give you free access to the Tree when it releases in the public domain. This system is for early access to the Tree’s beta. For clarification on what qualifies for a free period of Ratio Pro, see Adham’s announcement.


Brother when I’ll get tree feature…

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I still remember @adham once told that all beta tester will get one year free subscription. Was that only for that need beta tester for different devices at that time? And now as it is ready they changed the plan. I am not asking for free subscription. But once they told they should stick to that.

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I am not sure… it has been delayed

If you look closely, only the most active of beta users will receive a one-year free subscription, followed by three months for those who have contributed a lot but not as much as the most active users.

This thread is regarding access to the Tree in beta, and is exclusive of the discussion on who gets Ratio Pro for free when it releases.

Hope this clarifies your doubts!


I never complained or raise any question on developer or on blloc team. What I said is what blloc team once said, that’s it. I am not new hear, after looking closely I said it. If it’s not a discussion thread I am sorry I could not find one.

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When will i get tree​:disappointed::disappointed:

Hey Eminem !! Don’t Lose hope you will get an invite quite soon !! it’s worth a wait :slight_smile: cheer up buddy !!

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Why is my global rank and number of times not shown on my referral screen? I shared the link more than 24 times so far.

Mine too…

It shows like that sometimes
And it will be updated to normal