Ratio Redmi Y2 Feedback

Okay, So here’s the deal. I got accepted very recently (30mins ago) and had trouble installing it on my phone, the Redmi Y2., and here’s what I’ve experienced.

I initially tried installing the app through the Blloc Services app. As soon as I tried to open the app it kept crashing. So I looked at the blog and realized that I should be installing it through the Blloc Dock, so I did.

The installation went like a breeze but then the issues started. Every time I tried to press something on the app, it crashed. Then I tried the restart button and boom, crashed again.

So I couldn’t even play with the app, every time I clicked a drawer, it crashed.

Basically I couldn’t even use it, so I’m uninstalling it and will look for further updates that might fix this issue.