Ratio quits/crashes

Ratio quits/crashes when trying to rename tile headings, or/and when adding/removing/ apps.

Device : oneplus 7T pro

Hi, thanks for the feedback, we’re going to look into that!

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Specifically it crashes:
Ratio settings tile> tile settings> edit apps> my drawers> “exactly when you accidentally touch the black space right between the edge of the screen and where the small -edit- button is placed on the top right of -essentials-“


Indeed, I just managed to reproduce it, thanks for the detailed instructions!


I do get crashes when I press and hold a tile and select edit from that option. It opens up the edit screen but when I click or scroll there it crashes. Then it asks me to make the ratio launcher a default launcher.

I am using version 3.2.7

i received an invitation but when i download it the application keep on crashing why? im using motorola moto z 8.0 version 64 bit any solutions ? tia

Android 8.0? Sadly your phone is not meeting the requirement of minimum 8.1 then. :pensive: