Ratio Pro vs Ratio Light

Edit (September 21, 2020):

Here’s what we can say for now:

Ratio Pro as it is now (without the Tree) is going to become the basic version of Ratio, available to everyone for free forever and we will continue updating it .

The main distinction between what was Ratio Light and what was Ratio Pro is about permissions, more specifically the fact that one of the permissions (ie “Write Secure Settings”) can only be activated from an external computer (at least for non-rooted devices). That is the reason why the installation of Ratio Pro had to be done via BllocDesk.

This permission and the features that rely on it (such as App Lock, Color/Greyscale Mode etc.) are still part of Ratio but new users wanting to use these features will have to download an external tool on their computer to enable the permission (there will be a download link inside the Permission Manager of Ratio).

As a result, starting from v3.2.8, there will only be 1 “variant” of Ratio available for everyone, just called Ratio , it will be installed via BllocServices at first and later (hopefully from v3.2.9) via the Play Store.

Then later when the Tree comes out, it will be available via an in-app subscription to what will then be called Ratio Pro .

In the end it will be just one app for everyone, with a subscription model inside the app. Details on the subscription and how much it will be will be posted later on the forums here from our team.

Edit (September 21, 2020): the following information is now outdated

As some of you might have seen already, we’re preparing two versions of ratio: Pro and Light. The differences between these two are explained below.

Ratio Pro is the complete experience that we want to deliver, it will come with the Tree (our messaging hub) and the function to set apps in grayscale/color. It will eventually have exclusive features. Ratio Pro requires that the method to install it is through Blloc desk, since the computer gives the app special permissions that we require for these features to work.

Ratio Light is a version that doesn’t require these special permissions and can be installed directly from your phone, downloading the application file (.apk). Eventually we’ll try to get it into the Play store, although google can be very strict with their rules sometimes so it’s not sure that it will be accepted.

The differences between the two at the moment are these:

  • Ratio pro has the grayscale/color feature
  • Ratio pro handles better the functions that require accessibility enabled (Custom brightness and rotation for apps, and app lock) since it’s able to keep these services alive all the time.

In the future, the differences will be:

  • Ratio pro has the Tree section
  • Ratio pro has special root cards that won’t work on ratio lite.
  • Ratio pro will be able to perform tasks that Ratio lite can’t.

I just got the mail…i was a little confused… thanks for clarifying


Yeah got the mail… That’s great… Thanks for the clarification


Thanks @Ismael. Hope tree feature come sooner than we are expecting :blush:


One question regarding the pricing of Ratio Pro. Would it be a one time purchase only or would it be a subscription as some people said in the past? I hope it’s a one time purchase as I don’t feel the need to subscribe to a launcher. Plus, people could easily exploit that kind of thing


I feel an yearly subscription is the best solution to handle piracy or exploitation of any sort. Plus paying a decent fee yearly wouldn’t matter IMO compared to the product and service that i will be receiving.


Yearly subcription means you prolong the development lifecycle by backing up financially the people that work for the app you are using. I have a few apps that have a small yearly subscription of 2 pounds (it’s an app for creating and sharing smartwatch faces) and the app is constantly updated and not forgotten. Users are also more inclined to get involved in the community as they feel they pay for something that improves monthly. It’s better in my opinion to be like this instead of paying 30$ once and forget about it. Even though by saying this, I’m accepting the fact that I have to pay 30$ each year, but at least you get to support what seems to be an innovation and something that looks like its going to be around for quite some time.


I have a question. While checking the mail, I did in the mobile. So looks like I have installed the Lite Version (without Tree). Now If I try install using Desktop it does not accept the code that I got in the mail. Is there anyway I could get the Pro version in this scenario?

Edit: Looks like I overlooked and I got the link with the answer.


If you have supported device reset the code here members.blloc.com and try installing pro version via bllocdesk. Tree is the upcoming feature its the pro feature


The tree isn’t yet available


Thank you, actually I was looking for that. Thought I’d available in Pro mode.


Also looking for this explanation. Better pin it for the newly joining members.

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Experiencing it…!

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Waiting eagerly of the tree Function


Coming very soon.

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Tnx for the invitation.

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By looking at the current progress and the features Pro will offer, I would also be happy to pay a monthly/yearly subscription. I am really liking the work done here, so I will also be engaging with the fantastic community more and more. <3

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Bad timing for me as my PC broken like half years ago. So, my only choice is to try the Lite version. Will try the Pro version once I fixed my PC :sweat: Anyway, thank you for the opportunity for me to try Ratio. Cheers!

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