Ratio pro v3.2.5 in mi a2

I am having the following issues with ratio after updating it to v3.2.5

  1. Ratio goes blackscreen after sometime and especially when changing from one app to other using recent apps screen

  2. Colour mode and app lock mode permission get reset after few hours. I have to give permission again after sometime.

3.Ratio slows down when many apps are running in the background.


Point 1 is facing by some users and it appears to get even worse
Point 2 I am not sure why it got revoked itself. I never placed this issue
Point 3 I also noted for few days but it got improved after update.

Device:Honor Play

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Your MI A2 is in android 10 or 9?

I have one on Android 9 and cannot install lite from apk… how did you install?

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Try this


My phone is in android 10 and I installed ratio pro through bllocdesk

Ok. Thanks not this matter, but, many android 10 issues with de MI A2?