Ratio pro option not available

I didn’t get an option for ratio pro in the email. How can I get the option? I am using an unsupported device

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Hi @vaibhavkumar!

It appears that the option for installing Pro now has been made fairly discreet. Here’s how you can install Pro, though:

  1. Head over to the BllocDesk website and install BllocDesk onto a computer.
  2. Follow the instructions in BllocDesk to proceed with the installation of Ratio Pro.

To install Ratio Pro, you’ll need to enable USB debugging through developer options; BllocDesk will guide you through it. If you need help, try searching up online as well. Hope this helps!

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I tried that but they ask for a code and when I entered my ratio light cide, ut said invalid code.
Edit: it worked when i reset the code.
Thanks for the quick response, the app is awesome.

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Same Here, as we have only received code for lite version it will not install Pro