Ratio PRO on Xiaomi Mi5

As soon as the launcher started, the warning about graphic bugs appeared due to the execution of Ratio on the unsupported device.

It appears every time I go back to the Home page from some apps.

The Home looks like this:

Under the bar I saw 4 buttons in the middle, now they don’t even appear anymore and I can’t make them reappear to make the screenshot.

I think I can display the list of apps correctly.

I see correctly also the “button notification line”.
Holding down the button on the bar, 3 more buttons appear (Sun mode, Focus Mode and New app drawer +) e scrolling over them they turn yellow correctly.

Sun mode works:

Focus mode makes the background darker e create a bright frame around the icons

New app drawer work (I have successfully added “test” and apps to try)

Scroll down on the home or tap on the drawer name works correctly.
Double tap nothing happens even if active in the settings. *** Updated to PRO this works now

I don’t see the background even if in settings I put shadow at 0

If edited an app I see this

If I try to change color this warning comes out
*** Updated to PRO this works now


On the left page “Root” I see correctly the search bar and above smaller buttons with the various functions, and all of them seem to be working properly. Weather, countdown, news etc. seem to display correctly almost.

In the launcher settings everything seems to be going well:

*** Updated: timer on lockscreen:

For now, this is it. I will update if I notice anything else.
Hoping this post is ok…thank you

Steps to reproduce


Device: Xiaomi Mi5, HavocOs custom Rom with Android 10

Ratio version: 3.1.9

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I updated all the screenshots by resetting the display size to “default”

I add that I have a large battery drayn … 20% in about half an hour

It doesn’t support Xiaomi right now…hence the errors

Yes, I had guessed it …:slight_smile:

Thank you for report issue.
As the @jaishetty007 said, your device is not supported yet. We are working on support of new devices.
Stay tuned.


I managed to install the pro version via Blloc Desk! Now the double tap to turn off works and I can color the icons…As for others, if I put the display of the display on small, all the graphics improve. I hope this launcher will also be released on other smartphones officially because it already works pretty well already now :crossed_fingers:

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Yes exactly when setting display size to small there is no single Layout issues