Ratio pro on galaxy A50

Hi there
Using galaxy A50.

I’m using ratio pro.
Here I’m providing some information/experience of ratio pro and ratio light.

  • Battery draining in the background with ratio pro. But in ratio light there was no drain. (yeah, blloc desk is disabled though)
    Nearly 17% drain in background.

  • Editing is not working. It’s may be because galaxy A50 is not officially supported. (yet) (beta)

  • While using Ratio messages I didn’t get any meassage. There is no notification, popup, no sound., Where With default messaging app I have no problem. (ratio messages is in beta)

  • Problem with the Rotation bug has been solved I think. But, if u see any notification, the screen turns once.

Blloc is great.
I :black_heart:ratio
Features are great.
Thanks to the blloc team.
Looking for the future updates. (patiently)

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Ratio doesn’t have any messaging app. Which app are you talking about?

This one.

I believe that’s originally meant for the Tree, which is under development at the moment! For now, though, it doesn’t have much functionality - it doesn’t work as a normal messaging app.

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It’s still under development. Don’t use it.

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Ratio seems to be adopted by the system.
For 11 hours of use, it consumed 3.8% of battery :battery:

Hi, @deekshanavipet how do you do?
As for the battery consumption issue some people states that disabling battery restrictions for Ratio would help.
I’m running Ratio pro 3.2.3:27 on a Sony Xperia and it only uses 3%, 4% tops of power juice.

Hello, @Epep how do you do?

I have disabled battery restrictions for Ratio.
It seems to working fine.
Thank you.

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