Ratio Pro Not Appearing

Hi! I was on Ratio Light, but then I reset my invitation code so that I can get Ratio Pro and I received the said new code. I installed Blocdesk and went through the guided steps. The installation was successful in Bllocdesk but somehow the software (Ratio Pro) was not installed in my phone and I don’t have it. What now?

Try to install it again.

Did you uninstall ALL of the apps from your phone (lines.apk, blloc services.apk, and ratio.apk)? If not, please do so and THEN install via Blloc Desk :smiley:

I already did and I installed it for a couple of times but same result :worried: Pls help me

Please jump on the discord and post on support. It’ll be faster this way.

Issue is faced if you have multiple user profiles. Need to uninstall all the mentioned apps from all user profiles. If not, BllocDesk assumes it to be installed and says successful.