Ratio pro is not available for samsung Note 8

I got an invitation code and downloaded the apk…thats for ratio lite only.
how to get the ratio pro for samsung galaxy note 8

Hi @talktobishu, welcome to the community!

In the e-mail you received to install Ratio, you’re given two options for each of Ratio’s different versions (Pro and Lite). The latter is easier to install since all you’ll need to do is install an already-available APK on your end.

For Pro, though, it’s slightly more tedious since you’ll need to install with the help of BllocDesk. Once installed on a computer, you’ll need to use your invitation code and let it do the work of installing Pro on your phone! Hope this helps.


@areoen actually in the mail , i received only light version .only one option and not the pro version

I don’t think it’s possible , and if you have received an invitation then it has both the link for lite version and the invitation code for the pro version .

well i figured that out… just install the blloc desk and install .thanks guys for the help