Ratio pro installation

when first tried to install ratio pro , it gave me some error . when i tried now am not able to download the ratio desktop for pro installation. what should i do
if someone could send the bllocdesk windows app file plz do send

Now it’s available in playstore.
For now, there is only ratio.
Ratio pro will be released (under development).

Open this link on your Android device to install the Ratio launcher from Blloc:

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Thanks for the answer, @deekshanavipet!

It’s also worth to point out that the Ratio Pro and Lite system has been retired since the v3.2.8 update (that’s quite a while ago)! From that update onwards, the system is changed to Ratio and Ratio Pro.

Ratio will be a free experience for all to enjoy and use, and you can get that right now. On the other hand, Ratio Pro will be a future subscription-based version which includes the Tree, the messaging feature that’s one of Ratio’s most-wanted features. At the time of writing, Ratio Pro isn’t available just yet since the Tree is still under development.

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ok cool…i have a doubt ,as i dont have ratio pro right now ,i wont get ratio pro free after its development right ?