Ratio Pro install on unsupported device

Has anyone been able to install ratio pro on their unsupported device through bllocdesk??


I installed it on my unsupported Fairphone 3 via desk. It is running (nearly) stock Android 9. I thought you could install pro on any unsupported device but you will get the message that it’s not supported once. Maybe that’s not right though.

Well, all features work so far expect Qwant search in root. I hope that’ll work too soon C;

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Yes in my Samsung Galaxy S9. Very stable in general with a few exceptions

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Same and bllocdesk does not work I thought it was my device problem,but its a bug I guess…Still its great to see a company hear from it’s users…

I have installed Ratio Pro on Redmi Note 8 Pro running Android 9 (Not Supported as of now) through the Blloc Desk. All The features are working Fine - There are few times when the position of the drawers list is either at the center of the phone (vertically) or at the top. Other than that everything else seems to be working fine.

Yeah, i was unable to to download the latest Update (3.2.1). So i had to uninstall Ratio. Get back to Blloc desk on PC and update the Blooc Desk and then re installed Ratio on my Phone. It was a work around, But it worked.

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S9 is a supported device.

Hi @bhargav.narayan,

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Post your device support request under ratio unsupported category. So that Dev will look into that for future support and issues.

Ratio Lite has problems with xiaomi devices. There is a work around to install lite but you already have pro keep using it

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Yes, it works on Redmi 6 pro with all the correct permissions it works flawlessly.Added to the update it’s a workaround but yeah works just fine!

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Hi @freyjasasi,

could you kindly share the link to Unsupported Category. I am unable to find it.

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@bhargav.narayan 70+ devices are supported

The Link Says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." :thinking: