Ratio pro install doubt

i have a doubt about installing ratio pro in my oneplus 5… is it like installing a new rom into the phone… or just installing a launcher… just using a pc!!

and also if i uninstall ratio pro and reinstall it again in the same phone will the invite code work a second time??

also i got the invite code by registering my oneplus device… but can i use the same code in different devices which i own??

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Just a launcher

Yes. It’ll work.

Yes. But only Ratio Light, not the pro version. Until the device is supported.

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so for my 3rd question … u replied that unless or otherwise the new device is supported by blloc i can use the same code to reinstall ratio pro in the newer device without any issue…

Once you have installed the lite version, it you want to install pro on the same device, you need to reset the code. Visit members.blloc.com


but what am supposed to do when i change my device itself… do i need to reapply for a new invite code of just reset the code as u said and install it in the newer device??

You can reset the code from the above link.