Ratio pro Color mode

I am unable to access the color mode on my redmi note 5pro.

First thing is: Did you install via Blloc Desk? If not, then you have Ratio Light and color mode does not work on Ratio Light.

If you installed via Blloc Desk, then check accessibility settings and also developer options. There may be something that is not toggled on.


I checked both accessibility and developer options, I’ve enabled the options for ratio but no use

And you installed via Bllocdesk?

Yes I installed via bllocdesk

Check in Ratio Settings >General >Enable Greyscale /Color mode is toggled on or not.

I checked, it is turned on

so turning color mode is working but there is no color change. is that correct what you are facing ?

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Yeah, you guessed it right.

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Faced similar issue. Install ratio again it will work. Or try restart the device

Ok, thanks for your help😁

In the developer options, in addition to activating USB debugging, installing via USB, try activating USB Debugging (security settings) and then reinstalling Ratio via Bllocdesk. It worked for me (Redmi Note 8 Pro)


which app do you want to turn into grey?

Thanks for replying😁

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Worked for me on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

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