Ratio Privacy and Compatability on deGoogled Android

Hi Blloc team and community,

Loving Blloc Ratio. I read the post by @tonmoy (now closed) on privacy and wanted to chime and voice my concerns, comments and opinions. First of all, praise where it’s deserved. I have installed Ratio on my secondary phone and it’s simply brilliant. I love the design and the minimalist values are what I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I really, really want to jump onboard with Blloc but I value my privacy and would like to ask some questions first.

Before I install it on my main device (which I have Graphene OS installed on) and eagerly recommend it to all my friends and family, there are a few things I’d like to know. I’ve searched through Blloc’s website (including the legal documents at the bottom) and the community here and haven’t found any answers, but I apologize in advance if some have been answered before.

  1. Does Blloc collect any data on how I use my phone? Is this data stored locally or on Blloc’s servers? Can I opt out?
  2. Does Blloc use any Google services (ie analytics, maps, location) inside Ratio?
  3. Is it possible to request all the data Blloc has collected on me (if any)?
  4. Does Ratio work on deGoogled Android phones such as phones running Graphene OS and Lineage OS?
  5. Does BllocOS on the Z18 contain Google Services? Is Blloc OS built on top of AOSP (and so has no wifi triangulation and built-in Google services) or is it a modified version of Google Android with Google services?

Essentially my ideal setup would be to have Blloc Ratio on a deGoogled phone as I love Ratio but I don’t want to be tracked or any unnecessary data to be collected on me.

Many, many thanks in advance.


Hi @louiscohen01!

Thanks a lot for your questions. We are going to be updating the website soon with a section focusing on privacy, but for now we’ve added it to our Ratio FAQs.

To get back to your questions:

  1. No, we do not collect any data from your phone or about how you use your phone at all. All data remains with you on your phone/computer.
  2. No, there is no reliance on any Google service.
  3. Yes, please can drop us an email at info@blloc.com
  4. Ratio is essentially “BllocMode” on our Z18, which is by default Google free, so it should also work the same on other Google free phones.
  5. The Z18 is delivered Google free, but users can enable Google services if they chose to. Our OS is built on top of AOSP.

Thank you! This is great!

Great. Its very good to not depend on google services

Recently received a reply from @Sylvia stating that Ratio should be able to run on deGoogled Android devices as it doesn’t use Google services.

Does anyone have any experience installing Ratio on a deGoogled Android (e.g Graphene OS or Lineage OS)? Would be really valuable to hear your experience with it.

Thank you in advance

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Are you sure reply to point #1 is correct. Because @olivier claims otherwise in his point #1: Blloc Ratio and Privacy

@tonmoy I believe @Sylvia is referring to non analytics data (i.e all the data Google usually collects from users) but thanks for clarifying and linking to @olivier and his response. I am sure @louiscohen01 will find that thread helpful.