Ratio PLAYSTORE release

Ratio is LIVE on the Playstore.
Here is the link for the app --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bllocosn
Here is the link for a walkthrough video --> Video Ratio 3.3


Got it thanks

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I already updated to 3.3 but I am experiencing problem with the notes in root section that is always showing after unlocking my device which is annoying. I deleted notes and switch off the notes in root settings and still the problem exist. Hoping for the fix. Thank you.

Edit: I ended up downgrading to 3.2.9 and the issue is gone. I think I will stay in 3.2.9 for a while until the problem is fixed. Thank you.


After updating cards, home screen, referral program screen have been continuously changing

Touching icons and, search options would not stop it.

Unable to use ratio.

Samsung galaxy A50


Uninstalled and reinstalled, problem solved.
But, installation process takes time like we are installing ratio for the first time.
Reported in bug.

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Filing a bug report (a proper one with the template not ignored) could maybe be a great idea if you experience something that needs a fix? :yum: :thinking:


Working on xiaomi miui 12 now?

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Try downloading it .

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