Ratio OS ? Possible cooperation

Hi guys.
Know that has been speak in some threads, questioned a few times, but I really think this should be an OS.
Ratio is great. Works for lots of devices, which is really difficult. Lots of different settings and tricks here and there.
I just think about an option: a coop with some rom creators. I know everybody is hardworking and full scheduled, but a Rom, a ratio version merged in a room, that will be amazing. Kernel adapted, themes, everything. Lots of different phones in the end ,but also those Rom chefs are done with this to build same kind of rom for lots of models. A Ratio-Lineage ally for example smells like gold :sunglasses:.

Don’t know. Just thinking out loud on a summer night…

Keep pushing.


Definitely sounds like an interesting idea! Hopefully this can be something that turns into a real product in the distant future (maybe by morphing and adapting BllocOS here and there). It’ll be cool to see and have OS like this. :v:

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Yes Please .
OS :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: of this sort is unique and crazy .


IT EXISTS! Zero 18 Their own phone model and rom

Yeah we know. It would be just like that but ready to install in your own smartphone, don’t mind which one

Great idea!!! I would love to see it happening :slight_smile:

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