Ratio on unsupported device

Hi there,

So I have the pleasure to use Ratio on my Huawei p20pro and damn i love that launcher. Saddly I encounter “heavy” graphical issues. From time to time ratio goes completely black and no input is possible. I need to stop the app via android settings.
I couldn’t find a pattern or something when the issue occurs. There are days it works perfectly othera i need to resart ratio every 10min.

Greetings from Switzerland


Reset Code, Uninstall Ratio & Install It Again, Grant All Permissions. Done

Hey @Retus, welcome!

The issue that you’re facing now is one that may refer to a critical bug that many users are currently experiencing (see here and here). Blloc is aware of the issue, though, and a fix is underway!

Regardless of this issue (although it may be a huge inconvenience), I hope you’ll continue giving Ratio a shot and enjoying the Ratio experience!

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