Ratio on smartphone not supported :)

Hi everyone, thanks for the invitation.
I just installed Ratio Light by invitation on a device not officially supported :slight_smile: Xiaomi Mi5. The message that I could find graphic errors appears immediately. What I see seems to work well. But I also see 4 buttons halfway below the search bar at the bottom and I can’t reach them with my finger. I do not touch the button (if there is I do not see it) of the settings.

I apologize in advance if I didn’t have to try to install this launcher on an unsupported device in any way, but the curiosity was too much :smiley:

Its quite common to have that drill when the hype is for real hahah… Note that Ratio is still in its early phase and it works fine with OP7 and Pixel devices. Having errors on an unsupported device is quite normal. So bugs are expected. I would suggest not to keep it for now as you might run into problems which you will waste a lot of time on.

Also, please post screenshots so that devs can work on it. Please use the template. Thank you


As soon as I accidentally saw the images of this launcher I fell in love and I couldn’t resist the temptation hahaha. Actually I think the main problem is the shape of the 16: 9 display of the mi5 that does not allow me to see “below” the bar. The functions on the left side page seem to work well!
I will look carefully at some images or videos to find everything I don’t see correctly and I will report it here. I will try to make myself useful for the future porting on all smartphones

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Sure I believe the devs might be able to fix since it seems a small one. Do post it as bug report and a new post so we can follow the thread too.

Thanks a ton @M5O. Please use the template on your upcoming post and make sure to include as many screenshots as possible. Thank you very much! I think I speak for the devs and all of us users alike, we are excited that it gets to as many people as possible

Well thanks a lot for lettings us know, to speed things up on including more devices with us we thought of crowdsourcing the testing for each device and so if you want to help get it on Xiaomi faster please start a topic with your device here: https://community.blloc.com/c/ratio/unsupported-devices/14 we have some guidelines to post screenshots etc and the devs will address those issues.


what pixel devices do work?

i can’t get light OR pro to install on my 4xl :frowning:

@fox Please create a thread with screenshots in order to see what your issues are. Also, it may be because of the server load. Please read this first https://community.blloc.com/t/new-users-please-read-this-first/2455

Welcome to the community!

Ok, I did it, I hope it’s ok