Ratio on Redmi K20/K20pro

Redmi K20

Ratio version: 3.2.3:27

Problems encountered when using ratio:

  1. Cant add apps to app drawer using drag & drop. (It works using the Edit apps and Drawer from the Settings)

  2. Gray-scale mode isn’t working inside the apps.


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Are you sure you gave the permissions needed for grayscale?

If not I’d go:

  1. Ratio Settings -> General -> Permissions Manager
  2. Ratio Settings -> General -> Enable Grayscale
  3. Device Settings -> Accessibility -> Downloaded Services -> Color Mode

See if everything there is fine if you haven’t

Hi @Nostalgia Nostalgia,
Yes permission was given for gray-scale. No Luck

Man you could’ve kept Shinchan’s pic intact in there, what could have been a privacy breach in that? But anyways about your problem, try re-installing Ratio from BllocDesk and keep “Install via USB” and “USB Debugging (Security Settings)” enabled under USB Debugging. After that try re-installing Ratio via BllocDesk, hope it works.

Isn’t K20 a supported device?

Couldn’t find it here: https://trello.com/b/pRBpuPiK/ratio™-roadmap

Am I blind?

Mi 9T and K20 are the same device with different names

Oh well, I didn’t know that. :open_mouth:
At least they will resolve the bugs experienced here faster then I guess. :smiley:

Yes,9T &K20 are almost same.
I have k20. I have requested access for launcher in March but still have not received app.

You didn’t receive the invitation code?

I don’t know if it helps, but I have a Mi9T, and in my experience I got a mail with the link to the community a few hours before I got the link to the Apk. I waited 11 hours to get them, after applying on the website.
Maybe you should try to apply again, choosing the Xiaomi Mi9T Option? The only difference between K20 and Mi9T are some specs, so I don’t think it will have an impact on your experience :smile: