Ratio on F-Droid

As I am going to switch Phones and retire my Z18:

As my new one will also run a degoogled Android but I would still love to use ratio:

Is it possible that there will be a release of a basic version of ratio on F-Droid? Maybe just with Tiles and Root?

(I know it is not likely, but maybe… :slight_smile: )


I know that in apkmirror there are all the versions … from there you can download it without problems

Sounds like a great idea you have! I use F-Droid too and there are quite a few incredible open-source apps out there.

With that said, I don’t think it’s possible for Ratio to be included in F-Droid('s repository) according to its Inclusion Policy; quoted specifically:

All applications in the repository must be Free, Libre and Open Source software – for example, released under a GPL or Apache license. Every effort is made to verify that this is actually the case, both by visual inspection of the source, and by building the application from the published source.

I’m not sure if Blloc has the intention of open-sourcing Ratio anytime soon, but it appears to be one of the main few criteria of adding an app to the official F-Droid repository. That said, though, maybe Ratio might be able to end up in some other repository besides the official repository, but I doubt it will be likely given Ratio’s possible reliance on other services (for payment, for example).

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