Ratio on E-Ink Devices?

Can we use Ratio on e-ink android phones, such as Hisense A6 (Android 9 and 10) or Kingrow K1 (Android 8, same as Z18)? E-ink with Ratio/Blloc makes sense, I think.

I guess it’s possible as long as it’s Android 8.1 or above.

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Good, I have two Z18s, but now Blloc’s focus is on the Ratio, therefore I’ll switch. My Kingrow K1 is Android 8.1 Oreo, same as Z18, and has a good e-ink display. The Hisense A5 is with the newer Android versions.

Well, if you already have an e-ink device, I’d just try it out. Hopefully the screen refresh rate is high enough and since the devices are not officially supported, some issues might appear.

But it’s worth a try I think. :blush:
Please update us here if it works. :wink:

Sure I’ll do. I’ll try to get an invite from Blloc and test on one within the next weeks. The e-ink screen refresh rate is not high at all though.

Received an invitation and tried the ration on Kingrow K1. Unfortunately the e-ink refresh rate was rather low, the screen was ghosting and as a result the experience was not pleasant at all. Ratio is best on LCD screens.

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