Ratio needs to speed up

I have used ratio for quiet a while now, only thing that bugs me is that it lags too much .
When presses home button on root screen it takes whole 1 sec to shift view to tiles screen. Please increase the fluidity of this transition.

It is possibly a glitch. Restart Ratio, Restart Device should do the trick.

Using ratio for 20 Days and no lags.

You could try to enable faster animations in ratio settings…see if that helps

Hi thanks for your feedback, we’re working on a fix for that, it will be ready for 3.2.0.
Restarting and enabling faster animations won’t help.


Is this happening for any particular device or applicable to all?

Seems fine for me on a supported and unsupported device as well!
(Testing on OnePlus 7T Pro & 3T)

Great. Thanks for the fix. Keep us updated.

Yes I tried restarting but it didn’t help as usual. It would be much appreciated if this issue is resolved