Ratio lite ? what is this?

when going inside app settings and turning off color mode i am getting popup saying

“Feature not supported
Ratio Lite doesn’t support this feature. Get the full version in order to use it.”

and has option Not now or Go to Blloc.com

We’re using free version… They might be testing paid thing

I’m not having this issue tho! Could be because of unsupported device

May be yes. But it’s not Ready for production use. There are lot of things need to be fixed in this beta of #ratio. They did not support more devices yet and going into paid thing at this time very fast is not that good idea or plan as for me.

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They can code and set the activation for later use tho! Could be triggered due to unsupported device!?

Did you install Ratio with the APK or with BllocDesk ?

I updated to ratio 3.1.8 using blloc services.

I did the same way… No issues!

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So as I look deep into this issue, it’s happening when installing ratio by apk file not by bllocdesk.

Here is the update on above comment Same color mode issue but solved when installing via blloc desk

Better explanation

Yea that’s right. Greyscale needs some Developer Permission that can only granted to the App when installing via Blloc Desk. They say in the Future Tree is also one of the things that only work when installing ‘Ratio Pro’ via Blloc Desk.

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That’s the day when ratio is stable not now. Tree is really a good feature