Ratio lite or pro

what’s the difference between ratio lite and pro


As of now pro you can install via bllocdesk with all permission for officially supported devices. Lite you can directly install ratio apk file without all permission.


  1. Lines apk will present to change icons
  2. Graysacle mode will work
  3. Few more settings will added via usb debugging for Ratio to achieve better performance

Future they will more pro features

All those pro things are not working as of now but you can enjoy major features of ratio without any issues.

For new devices support please add post in unsupported category

@jbriones95 please explain the pro and lite difference in separate post so that everyone can make use of it.

Above points are just only my assumptions. Let it be clear officially by @jbriones95 @Ismael @olivier @adham

I’ve chosen pro version for my OP6, installed via USB. Grayscale and icons changing don’t work. Is it possible? :slight_smile:

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No it’s not possible that it would not work when installing via bllocdesk. Pro features will work if you have right permission and that can be achieved by install via bllocdesk

That’s great. I have not been able to install it via BllockDesk, shows as unsupported device.

Which phone are you using?..post a ss

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OnePlus 6, will post a screenshot.

Try to install bllocdesk again and restart your pc and see if it works

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Will do this and revert. Thanks.

So, I uninstalled BllocDesk, restarted PC, reinstalled - no avail, same issue.


Wait for the devs… they’ll give an update


I have exactly the same issue on my OP6

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I have the same issue

Trying to install from Blloc Desk from Windows 10
I’m running android 10 and OxygenOS 10.3.3 on the OP6

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Hey everyone!

There is already a post about this. Please refer to it and make sure to search for posts before creating a new one.


@freyjasasi @SPD

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