Ratio lite installation problem mi9t

i downloaded provided apk for ratio lite installed both of the updates through bloccservice but after that nothing happens no popup no further installation is requested

Can you post a screenshot of the blloc services app?

also it starts downloading and same updates everytime i go to bloccservice app

I have exactly the same issue on my redmi note 5 pro

Problem is that the installation package is getting automatically deleted after complete download. Please check.

Same issue on Redmi Note 8 Pro

Ive got this same issue on redmi note 5 pro. The app also closes automatically while running sometimes.

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How can that be prevented though?

I found this working solution in similar post here.
First, open Xiaomi Downloads app, then open Blloc Services.
Second, download the app (Ratio Light/Blloc Lines) via Blloc service, and then open the Downloads app, pause the app download.
Third, force stop Blloc service, and then resume the download on Downloads app.
Fourth, after it finished, just open it and install the apk like usual.

Repeat the same step to install other apk.


I’m not able to do that too cos the app closes automatically during download. Then ill have to start download again and goes on in a loop

Uninstall the blloc service app, reinstall it, then follow the exact steps above. If you can pause the download in the Xiaomi downloader app you are good to go. You need to force close the blloc service app to succeed.

Had the same problem with my Mi9t and did your instructions and it worked wonderfully. Thanks!

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OMG!!!Finally…thanks alot,it worked!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Can i ask you 1more thing?
New updates are coming right…so we have to do these steps in every upcoming update…inorder to work?

It’s not needed mostly. But i am not sure. Its purely depends on your devices. Only devices from Xiaomi facing these kind of issues. Hope devs will fix this.

Hope everyone will post the link of any solutions and give a proper credit to those who provide it