Ratio Light vs Ratio Pro (VIDEO)

Good morning everyone. Here is a video comparing Ratio Light vs Ratio Pro!!

Link: https://youtu.be/c8m_9qZ3ujQ

Hope you enjoy it and share it :smiley:


Nice. Will watch it and let you know.

Nice video. your content in youtube definitely will help new users for sure. i will share with my friends.

Thanks @jbriones95 for making it.

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Blloc needs to have official youtube channel as well @adham . And need more active in twitter.

because v3.1.6 tweeted by blloc but not v3.1.7 and v3.1.9. so users who are not active in community will not know what is happening. this happens with my friend. as i am in 3.1.9:14 but he is still in v3.1.6 cause he does not know.

@olivier @Ismael @Sylvia

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Thanks. Just helping the community and making sure everyone is informed :smiley: