Ratio light not working redmi note 9 pro

Hi i recieved an invite to install ratio light. Ive installed the application and jave downloaded the updates. After which nothing happens. Can someone help?

Hey there,

Do you mind elaborating more on “nothing happens”? What had you expected? Screenshots or any additional images may help, too.

Here are the screen shots. Ive installed all the updates and after which it just go blank saying no updates available. Then after i tried clicking the gear button and its going to say enter code. Ive entered my code invite then it just says there another download. Then im stuck in a loop installing the updates. Place in my invite code.

Thanks for the elaboration. It seems that this is an issue that’s been happening to quite a few users (I believe mostly on the Mi family of devices). Not too sure if this helps, but this is appears to be a solution that was raised:

Thank you very much for the assistance. Ittok a few tries but it worked. Thank you very much!! Thank you!!

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