Ratio license and code

I installed ratio a few days ago. I just used the apk to install and i quickly found out that i needed to grant adb write secure settings permission (with blloc desktop) and i did that so now every thing works. But i didn’t need to put in my code anywhere not even to install ratio “pro”. shouldn’t i have used the code somewhere or what?


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I presume that this was because you already had Ratio installed on your device; in previous installation methods (pre-v3.2.8, where there were two Ratio versions to install), Pro had to be installed via BllocDesk. Then, Ratio wasn’t installed on the device before, and therefore a code had to be granted.

I have reason to believe that the system for this may have changed starting from v3.2.8. Now, you’re allowed to install via only one method (direct installation through Blloc Services) and then granting advanced permissions. I guess this eliminates the need for a code in BllocDesk, since you wouldn’t be having Ratio on your phone to begin with if you hadn’t verified it.

Also considering that said ADB command can be run anytime a device is connected to a computer, I guess there’s no need - or correlation - for the code anyway. Regardless, though, this is all but speculation!

Perhaps @olivier (sorry for the tag) could explain a little, but I think it’s more streamlined and easier this way!

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We completely removed verification codes from Ratio in v3.2.8, that’s it