Ratio Launcher Tree Sneak Peek


How do I get this tree???
I’m on 171 rank to get

Release is coming soon for the public. Only the Top 10 every week get invited, so if you want early early access, make sure to share and get other people to install Ratio :slight_smile:


it’s still painful. I bought one of your phones when no one mentioned it. i still install your launcher. and I’m blocked from testing this evolution because I don’t have a maximum of friends on social networks. this being said is paradoxical with your digital detox offer.


This is very bad. I never get ratio by this ranking system. Waiting for normal public release


This ranking system has server load in ratio. All these conversation are stored in ratio servers. Why this ranking system then it is already available and in community many beta testers are there

I don’t understand please explain why ranking system exists for tree beta testing


It’s just the way the devs and the company decided to do it. I think it was just a fun way to see how many more people got to install Ratio on their devices. I think it was a little competitive and fun at the same time. But don’t fret. The public release will be coming very soon for those that patiently wait :slight_smile:


Ok. But I don’t personally like this way of testing things. How I can be sure to know not my all messages are stored in blloc server. How this tree works in the very bottom way. This raises a concern for me of using tree.

Cause from individual apps are fully encrypted their messages and I know ratio uses some apis to get access to chats but how its doing and how secure is that and is my chat are stored in blloc cloud or not ?

Could you please explain?


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Its a kind of free marketing and saying 0 dollar on marketing. Wow. Well done.
How I can take this in some way?

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What was the idea behind this way of releasing things. First invite method and now ranking way.

Saying that ratio we are very transparent and not doing it in the actual real world. Very sad :disappointed_relieved: to see this approach the company decided to release their product

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These are good points @freyjasasi. I believe that some of them are covered in Adham’s post on the beta ending and public release of the main part of Ratio. Others, I will ask devs when it concerns to the privacy since I don’t have the technical level to answer, but I believe they address it in the new website when they say that there is nothing stored in their servers. I’ll let you know soon about their response or maybe they’ll also reply here. Most of them are working hard so Ratio 4 can become public faster :slight_smile:


Yes. I also want to know and everyone wants to know. Cause I am loving ratio ui and concept as much as you and all beta users. Thanks for your response. Waiting for dev reply

Hopefully these are updated in new ratio 4 site and tree updates in official releases.