Ratio isn't officially supported on your device message


I’m a new user, running Ratio 3.1.9 on a Nokia 6.2

I’m getting the “Ratio isn’t officially supported on your device” message every time I return from an app to the main navigation.

I know my phone isn’t officially supported. But can the message appear less frequently?



No… that’s not possible at the moment

Sorry for the issue. As @jaishetty007 has said, it is not possible at the moment. Sorry.

If you want to speed up the process of authorizing your device, please post on the Unsupported devices subforum with the corresponding screenshots. Thank you!

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We’ll make it appear less frequently. Probably I’ll push an update with that by the end of the day.


That’s great! Glad to hear it.

Did you get the update ? 3.1.9:14 is the new version displayed in Ratio Settings. Tell me if that changed anything for you.

Got it, and I haven’t seen the message appear yet.

That’s really great, thanks!

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Why doesn’t it appear to me? :thinking:
I installed the pro version from Blloc Desk yesterday, overwriting the light version, do I have to check from there or Blloc Services work the same?

Can you screenshot Ratio Settings please ?

This? Simply if I try to update it tells me that there are none

Click the “Ratio Settings” tile

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Switch to wifi, and after a few minutes with Ratio in the background the update should be here.


Nothing…the others made them quietly even with the data network, this does not find it at all :man_shrugging:t2:

@olivier is it possible to have an apk of version 3.1.9: 14? Despite the attempts I can’t find the update and that popup of the unsupported device makes me crazy :see_no_evil:

Strange… Have you tried on a different wifi ?
Unfortunately there is no such APK… you’ll either get this :14 update or get 3.2.0 end of next week sorry…