Ratio is the most glitchy software I've ever used

I’m sick of it. It’s so buggy, so awful. The experience is better than every other launcher I’ve used, but it’s just so goddamn buggy and glitchy that it’s practically unusable. I can’t even add applications to a drawer, and neither can I remove them. Every time I reinstall, a new glitch pops up and makes the entire thing unusable. I understand that it’s early access software, but I really can’t take it anymore. It’s unusable on the OnePlus 7T.

Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Make sure to report your bugs with screenshots under bug reports. Also, if you are having too many issues, please do a clean install, that helps a lot of people. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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I’ve been using it on my OP7T, moved from Nova. A few bugs here and there but a restart normally fixes it (under Ratio settings>restart Ratio). Loving this sleek Launcher. Can’t wait for Tree!

I’ve been using it for a few days as the main Launcher on an unsupported smartphone and I don’t have all these problems. In fact, it already works quite well …the only thing is an excessive consumption of battery and that from v.3.1.9 Pro I cannot find the update to version v.3.1.9: 14 to limit the “smartphone not supported” warning popup. For the rest, although with its limitations being a pre-release beta, it’s fine for me and I like it.

@shneeeeesh word “Beta” means it’s tend to be buggy. Although it is buggy, devs are working hard to fix them.

I’m using it as my default launcher on my daily driver (7T Pro) for 20 days now and it’s alright. Pretty usable.