Ratio is not Nova launcher (or other similar launcher)

The idea behind Ratio is that it is a minimalist launcher, without distractions, to help us or at least try to use our phone as necessary and not distract ourselves. I see requests in the user forum asking for dynamic icons, wallpapers, widgets … I think they have not understood that Ratio is not Nova Launcher (of which I was / am a user) or Poco Launcher or some other, it is a launcher with a “philosophy” behind, it is minimalist, it is simple and effective.

As they put on their website …

“Be less distracted. Be more productive”

La idea detrás de Ratio es que sea un launcher minimalista, sin distracciones, para ayudarnos o intentar al menos, a usar nuestro teléfono lo necesario y no distraernos. Veo solicitudes en el foro de usuarios pidiendo iconos dinámicos, fondos de pantalla, widgets… Creo que no han entendido que Ratio no es Nova Launcher (del cual fui/soy usuario) o Poco Launcher o algún otro, es un launcher con una “filosofía” detrás, es minimalista, es simple y efectivo.


This is true, why puts some widgets anyway thats not minimalism